Native Version and LADASPA

I’m running a native version on OSX 10.5.6 on a MAcBookPro 2.66 17inches.
The song I’m working on has 9 audio tracks and three busses, where one of these is used as effect send. Its project folder is in a separate external drive.
I’m using 4 AU and 1 LADSPA plugins and I’m realizing that Ardour is becoming quite heavy with a very funny behaviour.
When I stop playing back it comes out with a lot of scratces and if I playback again it plays with billions of scratches and often it double its speed to follow some data flow or something.
I checked in the plugin list and I found that the LADSPA plug is the one giving lot of stress to the machine.
Now I’m using a similar AU plugin and is definitely better, even if Ardour seems quite heavy and the graphic refresh is quite slow.
Probably the native version is not optimized?

Thanks in advance

  1. when discussing plugins you must always name all the plugins you are using. some plugins use hardly any CPU power at all, some use more than Ardour itself, some are known to have bugs.
  2. i am not sure what you think you mean by “the native version is not optimized”. it is built for debugging at present, so that we can get meaningful bug reports from OS X users. this does not impact the CPU use in any significant way. Moreover, if plugins cause the CPU load to rise, then whether Ardour itself is optimized or not makes no difference to the extra CPU use caused by the plugin.
  3. a MacBook Pro 2.66 should be able to handle all this stuff very easily. tripling the numbers of tracks/busses might cause issues, but at the level you are working at for now, there should be no severe load issues unless you are using a plugin that is a major CPU hog.

1 Apple Graphic equalizer
1 Sonalksis SV 315 Compressor
1 mda sub-bass synthesizer
1 Ambience reverb (from Magnus @ smartelectronics)

all of them are AU version.
the one overloading the CPU in this cae is


as already mentioned.
I put

1 PSP Vintage Warmer


  1. Is just a question due to the various versions af Ardour, in case somebody knows some issues with it and how to sort them out.

  2. It should. I got heavier sessions on different softwares with a bigger number of similar plug ins I’m using in the Ardour’s one.