Native Build Patch Confusion

I have been (I hope temporarily) stumped in the long process of readying my system for building the native, non-X11 version of Ardour per the instructions on

(which is just as arduous a task as the page warns) and have gotten as far as the step which instructs me to “Fetch the GTK patch. Save it to disk, and then apply it using patch.”

Problem is, the link only leads to a page with the text of the patch written out, and I cannot figure out how to save this in a format appropriate to be applied using the “patch p0 <” command. As the page explains, this is not yet in SVN so I cannot use a checkout, and since I obviously don’t have the final, patched version I can’t make a .diff file.

How do I go about getting and using this patch? This is important, as I will have to do this twice more (for libart and libgnomecanvas) before I am finished. I am running Mac OSX 10.6.8 “Snow Leopard” on a new Macbook Pro.

That actually is the patch file, you just need to save it as a text file. Although I make no promises that that patch is up to date, as Paul uses a specific version of GTK and some work may be required to update it to a modern version of GTK.

I will say however… that those instruction are not for Snow Leopard, and you will likely have MUCH more of a headache than they even indicate as Snow Leopard deals with a ‘hybrid’ 32/64 bit system and libs will build typically in 64 bit, but some will build in 32 bit by default and they won’t mix very well. I have done all of this on Snow Leopard once or twice, and can tell you compared to 10.4 and 10.5 which I have also built Ardour on, and Snow Leopard is much more of a headache to the point of I haven’t set up a dev environment yet again on my current primary machine due to it. I would even bet Lion will be easier than Snow Leopard once GTK is updated for it.


That makes sense… thank you very much. We shall see how far I get with this process; I am a bit green at this business of DIY installations, but I find it rather satisfying to know that I have a handle on what I’m putting on my computer, rather than just watching a progress bar slide from one side to the other.

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