Names of regions

  1. It will be beautiful, to rename regions by double click on it in object mode

  2. It will be wonderful, if after renaming region, in regions/name window his NEW name will be appeared

3)It will be good, if, when export region, in export to file window his name will be appeared

I concur…when I name a region within a track in the track display window, I would like to see the region name displayed in the region list at the right.

regions in the region list are different from those in tracks. in general we try to follow a general rule that if you have never edited the region in the track before, then it is equivalent to the region in the region list. however, as soon as you edit it or copy it, the equivalence is broken. it is likely that we fail to fully adhere to this model.

you can edit the name by “edit-clicking” on the existing name, which is generally ctrl-button3 click. double click is ambiguous, but i’ll check to see if its available in ardour2.