My songs made with ardour

Hi. If You want to listen my music made on ardour look at:




Great sound and great job mixing, I liked “Jamaica” and “Almighty”… nice Reggae “riddims”!

Excellent work ! How did you record it ? Did you play everything or were other musicians involved ?

Very good stuff, thanks for sharing.



Thanks for response and for opinions.

I’m playing on bass guitar and keys (piano, organ, synthesizers). All tracks are recorded, produced and mixed by Me. I like to use hardware instruments and processors and free software (in my opinion, ardour is the best of it all).

Listen to my new Dub version of song of my friendly band “Izolatka” (look at previous links). To make this song I splitted original tracks for small pieces, and re-enginered it to totally new song. All made in ardour. When guys from Izolatka band listens this, then write me on messenger: “Do you want, to make album with dub-version of song of all songs from our album?”.

Thanks, ardour developers :slight_smile: