My script to copy routing from .ardour project file to another

Did you ever save an Ardour project by mistake and realized all your jack connections were gone for some reason?
It happens to me when netjack crashes. I save the ardour project as a reflex, not realizing I lost my hundreds of jack connections.

So here’s my solution :slight_smile:
This program parses all routings from an ardour project file.
Then it opens a destination .ardour file and puts them for each track that still exists.
It will not replace any existing routing.
It is NON-case-sensitive so it will find your PIANO track if you previously named it Piano.

This is a perl script, save it as
then chmod +x,
then ./ source.ardour destination.ardour

BACKUP destination.ardour FIRST!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I have modified the program (same address)
You can now use “JACK” as destination and it will restore connections using jack_connect instead of modifying a destination file.
That way you can keep Ardour open :slight_smile: