My script for keeping track of sample attribitions

DISCALIMER: I’m not a programmer, and make no claims about the quality of this code. All I can promise is that it works on my system, and that I do not intentionally try to break anything on yours.

Usually when I need a particular sound I end up making it by combining other samples, because the royalty free samples I find are either poor quality, or not exactly what I’m looking for.

I often use sounds from because Ardour has the sweet built in browser, but sometimes combine them with something I found elsewhere.

Because I try all sorts of combinations before I arrive at something I like, it can be hard to keep track of how the samples I end up using should be atrributed to their creators. So I made this python script to help me.

The idea is that I have a text file with a similar name to each sample I create. Then when i move, copy or edit the sample the text file comes along.

Basically you run the script from the command line and it asks for a sample name. Then a text file called “SAMPLE_NAME_attribution.txt” is created in the current working directory.

You get to either input the required attribution information manually, or use a freesound.ord ID number, in which case it is put into the .txt file automatically.

This is particularly handy because the ID-numbers are the first part of the name Ardour gives to the samples when imported from the browser. So you can just look at the names in the ardour session and plug them in, without even going to the website.

The other thing the script can do is append infomation to an existing file created by the script. To do this you run


and the information you enter is appended to the supplied file instead of creating a new one.

Check it out and see if you find it useful:

Currently manual input only recognizes creative commons 0-1.0, BY-3.0 and BY-4.0 because those are the ones I’ve had to use but it’s easy to add others if you know a bit of python.

Or you can try to request other licenses here, and maybe I’ll add them.

BTW: The script assumes that your input makes sense and that you are truthful. You can input anything when prompted.

You probably are on the road to the future of copyleft, and your BTW pre-final line is where good people surely want to live in ! Thanks :slight_smile: