My plugins (free, Lua)

I have made some plugins which I use a lot myself and thought they might be useful for others. All free.

The panner is probably of no use to Ardour folks as Ardour already provides that kind of control - it was made for Mixbus, which doesn’t.

JD Pan: a stereo panner for stereo strips, as opposed to Mixbus’ stereo balance control.
JD Trim: independent trim, mute, and polarity controls for L & R channels, plus channel swap.
JD Swap L/R: a quick way to reverse the stereo image.

This wiki page explains all…


Very nice. I do like the inline display look/feel. Thanks for sharing!

A restart of Ardour/Mixbus is required to see them - scanning plugins doesn’t help.

Lua DSP plugins are treated like other scripts, and currently not re-scanned with the plugin-manager. The “Add/Load Script” dialog has a refresh button which will also detect new or updated DSP scripts:


I tend to right-click on one of the action script buttons (top-right in the toolbar), refresh, cancel.

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Thanks for the Refresh tip, Robin. I’ll add that to the wiki.

in which directory should I put the scripts?
C:\Program Files\Ardour7\share\ardour7\scripts ? yes?

Usually user-scripts are installed in the user’s config/preferences location.
On Windows that would be %localappdata%\ardour7\scripts\

While installing them as admin to C:\Program Files\Ardour7\share\ardour7\scripts works, the scripts will be lost when you update Ardour.

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