My personal trick to improve Ardour MIDI workflow: bind ` to Editor > Editor > Small

Warning: This is very subjective.

I found that binding ` (backtick) to Editor > Editor > Small improves my MIDI workflow, since I am able to consistently minimize tracks after I am done with them in “f” mode.

You could probably do the same without binding any hotkeys but the fact that the backtick does not require a modifier in the en_US keyboard layout and that its behavior is constant (always minimizes the track) makes everything very fast.

If Ardour had keyboard macros, I would probably bind ` to Editor > Editor > Small and then Page-Up, so that I could get a more centered view around my track.

This IMHO is suited for people who like MusE’s workflow, where you have an arranger view with an eagle’s eye view and separate tabs for the MIDI and audio editors.

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