My New Udu Drum

I made this little track in ardour just after getting my new udu drum home.

The Udu is a curvaceous ceramic jug, with a hole cut into one side. By slapping the sides of the jug, you can produce a high-pitched percussive ring. By slapping the hole on the side of the drum with your palm,you can produce a low bass tone which sounds great in many different styles of music.
Here is a picture of an udu drum that is not too different from mine.

I recorded my udu with a Shure SM-57 mic, placed about 20 centimetres away from the opening of the mouth of the drum. I also used the `57 to record my doumbek, a middle-eastern goblet shaped drum. The sound card was my Motu 828 MkII, which is also where I plugged my electric guitar into.


Pretty cool instrument. Where did you get it?

I bought my udu from a store called Soul Drums in North York (Toronto), Ontario, Canada. I paid $179 CDN.

The staff at Soul Drums are knowledgeable and friendly, although you may have to wait for awhile to talk to someone if there are other customers in the store.

Udu drums are native to nigeria, and are part of the traditional music there.

wow - never seen one of them before … looks more like a vase than an instrument, though :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s a very nice sound to get out of something ceramic, though!

**** ****

Song is back up!


great post…d…and thank you