my multiface II has a different id every time I reboot

I bought a multiface II for my new studio, and I have this issue: sometimes it’s on hw:0, sometimes hw:1, and this happen to change randomly on reboot, and when it happens I always have to stop jack, change the hardware interface and restart it, all this to my annoyance… Can anybody help?

Thanks guys, peder’s solution just worked!

what is the other soundcard? internal i guess? what is your distro?

you want to make sure that the hdsp module is loaded before the module of your internal soundcard. or you could just deactivate your internal soundcard entirely. it depends on your needs and your distro.

The “correct” way is to not use hw:0 or hw:1.
Run ‘cat /proc/asound/cards’ and use the name within the [ ] instead.
So if it says “1 [MFace ] : Multiface II” you set it to “hw:MFace”

What Peder said

Great, thanks for your advice, I’m on Ubuntu 10.04, the other card is hda intel internal, I’ll try your suggestions asap and report!