My last one: "Faz Enigma Teu Mirar"

This is my last music with ARDOUR. I want to thanks and congrats the developers and all the community for the learning and experience I had with you!!
I’m not an “engineer, mixer or producer”, but could taste it thanks to Ardour daw. But my time with the software is over, so I share with you “Faz Enigam Teu Mirar” and say goodbye! :slight_smile:

Thanks again and again!
PS.: Brasil is not BOLSONARO :wink:


I’m curious: If your time with Ardour is over, may I ask which DAW are you moving to, if any?

Hi. I’m backing to Qtractor/Reaper. Ardour is the best I’ve used till now, but in Ubuntu Studio 20 it’s bugging the font and calf plugins (the plugins I’m used/acquainted with). And I don feel fine to use the software without pay for it. The “real” (brazilian currency) is devalued, so there’s no way to purchase a license now.
Well, so it’s time to a new (or oldest) approach to mine record/mix :slight_smile: