My first work, let me know how is it..

This is my first work using Ardour 3/Calf Plugin/EQ10Q. Please let me know your comments/improvement-tips/suggestions etc. thanks in advance for your support.

I’ve listened to your recording. Which effect have you added to the guitar? I mean, was it a clean guitar sound which you changed into distorted using Calf? It sounds good!

sound is “classical 80`s” (listen those tracks from Top Gun Movie :slight_smile:

You are “glued” to the beat!
Arrange it more simple. Make more space for guitars, don’t let them all the time playing together.
You ve made a “running train” track :slight_smile:
Sounds good.

Try this:
Listen to the sound of your amp! Record it with microphone (consider to capture a bit of room where you put your amp).
Record your amp! Leave that EQ´s for later work. Learn to work with some noise gate, compressor…
This is the most important when you are recording! Take some mic (sm 57 or any similar , put it in front of amp (experiment with position), record your amp sound! Double it (overdub). You’ll start to love your Ardour sessions, your guitar, your amp…

actually the guitar part was done by one of my friend - DId to a PC recorded using Reason and overdubbed for base and melody (i think so) and i just created a Hydrogen drum sequence and mixed it.

@nedzad, i really want to do more recording - which is my core interest… but in this case i couldn’t as the player was out-of station. i am planning to record a couple of tracks for a band and i am really preapring for it - spending time in youtube/articles on micing, drums recrding tips etc. i am really looking forward to it…

btw, i did rework the drums to make it more Rockish and the link is below(r2)… please let me know how this one sounds like. also i have uploaded the original one i have received (Venu-Electric-Guitar_166bpm_original.wav) and the guitar stem(Venu-Electric-Guitar-stem_r1.wav) where i have applied some compression and EQ. r1 is the same i have uploaded earlier. - the same uploaded earlier - ROCK-ish mix - original guitar stem - guitar stem in the mix

Thanks a lot for your comments and expecting to hear from you all about the my new mix ‘r2’ …