My first steps with Ardour -> "Childish"

My first steps with Ardour and my Roland FA 06. It was created in a few short improvisation sessions with only a little preparation. It’s actually not a real piece of music. It feels unfinished, incomplete. However, I like it. The harmony is weird and cool at the same time. Sounds a little bit like jazz, even though I cannot really play jazz. :slight_smile:

Free as both in beer and freedom. Please tell me what you think. (Nobody seems to be there on soundcloud, whatever.)

Childish (Soundcould)

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I like it. I would try speeding it up a bit maybe.

Soundcloud seems to have a hard time right now.

Hi @StefanSteinegger,

So I like the melody and harmony lines. It feels like the background music to maybe a video game or something like that.

Not a huge fan of the sounds themselves. If you recorded the MIDI for all the parts from the keyboard, would try resending through some soft synth plugins. Think will get better sounds. I often use my synth as “just a keyboard” (not its internal sounds) because other plugins have some neat stuff going on.

Any rate, good job and keep it coming!

huh. maybe it meanders a little bit and fades out instead of ending, but it’s still totally a song! keep writing these non-songs.

it sounds like some chill electro-jazz I’d hear in a club.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I’m currently using free software on Ubuntu only. I don’t know if free soft synth would really have better sounds than the Roland keyboard. I’ll give it a try anyway.