My "First Steps" recorded with ardour

Hey guys,

in last few weeks I produced four tracks with ardour. It’s my first work with a DAW.

I used a cajon, e-bass, and acoustic guitar. instead a hihat i used a plastic egg :slight_smile:

Give me your Feedback :musical_note:

Best Regards


Hi Djoma,
Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your music! I enjoyed the upbeat and chill vibe of your tunes. The Cajon and egg sounded great and you had a nice mix overall the tracks. How is Jamendo? It has been a long time since I have heard about them.

Thank you for your feedback, Jdfight!

I use Jamendo for listening music for a couple of years. But, it’s my first upload that I ever done. I hope Jamendo has a big community :slight_smile:

Is soundcloud a good alternative to Jamendo?

Most musicians I know use Bandcamp or Soundcloud or both. I like Soundcloud because it is easy to host your music and embed the player in your site. It suits me fine because it makes it easy for me to share my music with friends/family… Personally, If I was selling my music , I’d most likely use Bandcamp…

Thanks for the explanation!