My first radio production with Ardour :-)

I’ve just had the pleasure to produce a report for a large regional radio station (MDR) in Germany using Ardour (instead of Samplitude). Here it is:

It was especially pleasant to work with Ardour’s automation features. The beautiful “handcraft” feeling is simliar to good analogue days :-). Maybe in future I will use an external unit with real faders (instead of mouse).
Of course it was a little bit tricky to edit the voice track and make it “clean” of false beginnings and so on (as I once wrote elsewhere in the forum), but soon it worked quite well.
Ardour’s sound was good, and so was the sound of Asunder (to rip the CD tracks) and Sound Converter (to convert the exported WAV into an 256 kBit MP3 to transfer to the radio house). Before exporting the Ardour session into a WAV file I gave about 4 dB headroom to it, to prevent it from slight clipping in two extremely loud moments.
It’s a pleasure for me to give a donation :-).