My first LV2 plugins

Hello everybody.

I would like to introduce my first efforts in developing some audio stuff for Linux.

I made two simple (and, for the moment, GUI-less) LV2 plugins, widely tested inside Ardour (2 and 3).

Please please please don’t be too harsh in judging them :slight_smile:
I am just a biologist and musician willing to learn some programming in my spare time!

Other projects:

I find the crusher quite nice :wink: I tried it added to a drumtrack, it can make a bassdrum sound really evil.

Just 3 things:

1.) it seems to add some kind of slapback-echo at the end of a drum-sound, this can be OK but is most annoying if unwanted.
2.) it adds not only distortion to the sound itself but overall hiss to the channel.
3.) the “weired-noises” are quite cute also but maybe they should be somewhat more hmmm… diverse? I only manage this slider to produce a distorted sinus-beep that seems not to have any relation to the material being filtered.

besides all this: Thanks a lot for coding LV2-Stuff!!!

Thank you very much for your comment and for your hints, I will really take them in consideration.

As for the first two issues, I will investigate testing the effect on different kind of sounds.
For the noise, I will put it before the filters, so that it will have more adherence with the output.

Another idea could consist in splitting the effect in several small LV2 fx, so that one can choose if loading only one simple plugin or the whole suite in one instance.

I will post something when I update it!

any news on that ?