My first festival stage, with music made in Ardour

Hey, I’m Toni Link, I create some electronic beats with Ardour (Tecnobrega, a rhythm from the north of Brazil).
Last year a singer (Keila) called me to recreate some local music in a refreshed and more electronic version, to be presented in the “SeRasgum Festival” (in Belém do Pará, Brazil).

Here you can have a look at Ardour project:

(As you can see I’m using Vital, Surge XT, LSP plugins, X42 plugins, MIXXX in the stage, etc, all open source)

And here you can see how it was live, someone recorded the performance (not the complete performance, unfortunately):

And, if you are wondering about the stickers on my computer in the second video, you can see them here:

The good news is that Keila want me to make some more music for her, to be presented in another festival in the next September. So I’ll probably appear here in a few months to show my second festival, and the first time flying to another state of Brasil. :star_struck:


Muito bem produzido, cara. Parabéns!! Abraços de Pernambuco.