My first demo album (indie, blues-rock, alternative)

Hi everyone, Ardour and Linux helped me turn my dream into reality - releasing a demo album.
The learning curve for Ardour was nice and easy and the interface very intuitive, so I was super happy about that.

In the recordings I used an electric and acoustic guitar, bass, piano and my voice.

Here’s the link:

Let me know what you think or maybe stuff I could improve upon :slight_smile:

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I quite like this!
For me, it’s got a demo feel to it, which works well for indie/alernative. There are some good ideas and techniques in there.
I clicked my way through the first few songs, then left it playing as I got on with some emails, and it played through to the end - so enough going on there not to turn it off.
I’m no expert, but I could see how someone with more experience might want to ‘get a better’ drum sound’ or maybe balance the sounds a little better in places, double the guitars and so on - but I’m not sure it really needs any of that - would lose some of the rawness maybe.
I’d be keen to hear more. Well done.

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Thanks a lot! Really appreciate you giving it a listen and your response!
For the drums I used the “AVL Drumkits Ardour” plugin and it was the first time I had to think about drums while making music, so that might be a reason why its not too great :sweat_smile: . And yeah, I kind of like the raw appeal, but maybe its just my inexperience speaking :smiley: . Not sure if I’ll ever get beyond demos but it was an interesting experience making it.

I wondered how you’d done the drums. AVL Drumkits are great (IMHO) and there’s lots of topics on the forum about them. I thought they sounded as though they they were played by a human, so good job.

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