My First Collaborative song


I want to show a new song that I recorded using ardour. This song is "El Tango" and you can listen and download from my site at

Martín Carr play the "bandoneon" on this song

Thanks Martín from here.

I hope you like

I like. :slight_smile:

I love tangos. My compliments to Martin for his bandoneon playing, but I wanted to hear more of it through the track.

And of course I’d like just a little more presence on the vocal. (I always want more presence on the vocals.)

Nice work, thanks for sharing.




Thx for your comment… its very apreciated for Martin and me.

And yes… More bandoneon :smiley: … when i talk with Martin about put bandoneon on this song all are recorded except vocals… But when i was receive the flac file with the Martin work… I was thinking about extending the song, especially the final solo…

Some people of MUSIX distro talk with me about share the original ardour tracks of this song for make another mastering process or rerecording tracks… I put on this tar.gz the rosegarden project… the hydrogen h2song… the zynaddsubfx xmz file and flac files of guitar vocals and bandoneon… Anyone can makea version of this song.

Thx again