My first Ardour year!

Hi all,

I’ve been playing with music on Linux, and Ardour in particular, for about a year now (I posted the first one on SoundCloud last June), but for some reason only found out about this community section today. I’m of course still very much a hobbyist (there’s a ton I still don’t know about Ardour, and there’s a lot of room for improvement in how I do mixing for instance), but I’ve really enjoyed this journey so far!

Until now I’ve only been posting all my efforts on LinuxMusicians, where I’ve also tried to document the process I followed each time, which tools I used and how, and the new things I tried to experiment with. It’s been really interesting to exchange ideas with the folks there, so I thought I’d share what I published so far here as well, and maybe new tracks as well when they’ll be ready. More feedback will only help!

Rather than open a new post for each track (there’s a dozen or so), and to avoid spamming, I thought I’d just share a link to my SoundCloud page instead:
I have the tracks divided in three separate sets, as ideally they’ll each become an “album” of sorts sooner or later:

  • “Tracks” is for more “traditional” songs
  • “Her” is where I’m putting tracks much more oriented on a mix of rock and orchestral music, and with a common theme
  • “Classical” is there to host my efforts on classical music (I’ve been working on a symphony and a symphonic poem, which I hope to publish there too sooner or later).

I hope you’ll enjoy this, and I’ll make sure to have a listen of what you all have been up to as well!

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Wow :slight_smile: you mix influences from classical, progressive rock, heavy metal, world music, Pink Floyd, etc, etc. There are many very very good musical themes there and listening through the songs was an adventure. You never know what’s coming around the next corner. It was a very interesting and pleasant experience, you’ve done some very good work and really think “out of the box”. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words, Mikael, they’re really appreciated!