My first album, made with Ardour3!


I finally came around to finishing my first real musical project. It’s an 8-track album completely mixed/“mastered”, and mostly composed/sequenced, in ardour3 (current svn mostly), called Insomnilund. It’s all instrumentals, and is a mixture of both hiphoppy music and some acoustic stuff.
It can be found in various forms and formats here:

Thanks to Ardour (and Linux music overall) for making this very fun hobby possible!! Thanks to anyone listening! Cheers!

This is an awesome album.


Love your stuff, great sounds and atmosphere, really well recorded. Congrats on your achievement Great job!

PS haha love your website…now that’s minimal!

@ plingativator:
Thank you very much!

OpenOctave is another DAW that focuses on orchestral music mainly, but it’s been standing pretty still for a while now, so it’s not really fully usable. It speaks directly to LinuxSampler though, so that’s how I’ve been using SSO with OpenOctave. In Ardour3 I’ve been using LinuxSampler aswell, there’s a LV2-plugin for that. It doesn’t load samples itself though, just creates channels in LinuxSampler connected to Ardour, so you’d need to use some external app (qsampler for example) to load the actual .sfz’s =)

Thank you so much! It feels so nice to actually finish something! =)
Haha, yeah, I really went for the minimal approach, no unecessary information or distractions! Might even add an image or something one day :wink:

Nice work! Sounds really good. What did you use to play the sonatina samples? I haven’t heard of the openoctave project before. Is that just more samples similar to the sonatina one?

I’m not an electronic music fan per se (although I go that way a bit with Porcupine Tree / Pineapple Thief etc), and I’d just like to say great stuff. Such warm textures and production, would be great to know what synths you used.

Francois: Thank you very much!

topperdoggle: Thanks!! Synths I used are more or less: TAL NoiseMaker (mostly for bass etc, and some other electronic sounds). Other instruments are the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, mda ePiano and so on. But mostly TAL NoiseMaker really!

I’ve been listening to this album once a day for each day since i downloaded it.

Oh yes! Very well done zth. Your tracks sound so clean and nicely produced. “The Last Time” when it drops again at 2:20…listening to it now. I’m really liking it. The guitar jams on “9 Lives” is super impressive…is that really TAL Noisemaker? I’m surprised. That’s certainly a synth that i need to be playing with more. All the different synths available in LV2/DSSI/VSTs are really exciting.
Your tracks seem to carry a lot of mood and feeling. It seems like you’re really genuinely expressing yourself with your music, like you’re painting pictures. Sounds like beautiful art. Thanks for doing this album, it makes me happy to hear it.

Francois : that comment made the start of the musical 2013 very good for me, thanks a ton :smiley:

Smeefer : thanks a lot! yeah I really feel like I am expressing mmyself through it, which is kind of both nice but also pretty hard for me! even if it is not actual words, it’s still pretty revealing sometimes. But I guess that is the charm of it somehow. thanks again I’m very glad you like it!

Really nice!

Beautiful work ! Excellent material and production, lovely sound. I’m just letting your SoundCloud playlist play through, a very enjoyable experience. :slight_smile:

NNNNNIIIICE!! I should have downloaded this earlier! Excellent material for listening while working, it doesn’t drop the ball at any point so no distraction of clicking next, very pleasing.

(Love the format too, 48000 with Vorbis option)

Xperienced & DavePhilips:
Thank you so much for this :smiley: I’d completely missed this. This fuels my inspiration! In the works with a new somewhat similar project I hope can be done in the summer, but we’ll see! Thanks again!