My first acoustic track

Been experimenting with ways to get better sound out of my cheap Radio Shack microphone.

I’m curious to know how you can get better sound out of your cheap Radio Shack microphone? Were you successful?

And BTW, FYI, there is a “Made With Ardour” forum here for posts just like this. :slight_smile:

I like the video you uploaded to youtube, so people can SEE what Ardour is, and how cool it is.

I was able to get better (but not great) sound by testing different mic / guitar arrangements in audacity and making notes. Kind of a trial and error type thing. I also noticed that a slight highpass filtering does amazing things for the rumble I sometime get recording acoustic guitars.

I always use a highpass on acoustic guitars. If the mic has a low cut switch, I certainly will use it. If you highpass all your channels, except for the bass guitar and the kickdrum, your low end will sound much more tight.
Don´t do this too much with lowpass, because you can remove the upper harmonics, which will tear down your sound.

IMO Arthur does not suck. :slight_smile:

I liked the stereo separation, the mix is nicely balanced through my headphones. I also just liked the song. More, please. :slight_smile: