my ardour can`t launch

i have trouble to launch ardour 2.8.2…
because i have libcurl (1.4), where to find this file ?
i used tiger 10.4.11…
everi i click the ardour icon, i dont see the respons (just icon animate)
i used jack pilot…

please help me to solved this problem…
thx very much


You haven’t unpacked it with BOMArchiveHelper have you?

If the case, you have to unpack it with Stuffit or the CLI.
It should work fine after that.

no libcrl in my system?
if use this tool everuthing ok ? or not ?

Hi Paul.

Is there somewhere on the site that I can find your release notes and/or projected date for that 2.8.3 release? Just curious. 2.8.2 is pretty nice already :slight_smile:

the upcoming 2.8.3 will be packaged as a DMG, and this issue will go away.


Me too, I use tiger 10.4.11
last days, I have downloaded, unzipped with BOMArchiveHelper
(unarchiver don’t work) and Ardour don’t launch, I don’t get error messages
my previous version: Ardour2-PPC-4919 (2.8) work fine


Regarding the original topic of Ardour not launching correctly…

It is still a front page article. It is a known issue regarding zip files and Apple’s BOMArchiveHelper. The answer is going to be use StuffIt for the time being, and as Paul mentioned in the future DMG archives will be used to get around this.


Release notes tend to get attached to the release announcement. There is never a set date for a release, but my own personal suspicion (Which Paul can tell me is wrong of course;) is that there is an aim for another release of Ardour 2 before long at all.


@seablade -

Thanks for the info.
Keep up the great work!

thanks seablade & Paul,

Ardour 2.8.2 unpacked with Stuffit work fine on my PPC at this moment :wink: