My 0,2 €

My 0,2 €


I really appreciated these tunes …

It’s a pleasure to hear that one can do such quality music with ardour (the mix is as good as the guitar :slight_smile: )

Thanks for sharing it !

Wow, sounds like you really dig Wes.
Nice sounds, good mix.
I enjoy listening these tunes a lot.
Thanks for sharing.

Raphael :wink:

Hi pinojazz!

Your songs are the best songs i have ever heard made with
homerecording-software! I mean, these are really awesome!
On your website you say you want to release an album, i cannot
wait to listen to these songs! I bet you already have recorded
more songs, could you please put them on your website for downloading?
Or perhaps you could create a myspace-account and upload your songs there…

saludos de alemania :smiley:



ive just registered here coz im really interested in making music but im completely a beginner

your 2 tunes are really catchy and easy on ears. maybe bass in the 1st one is too crispy&weak, but beside these these are really great and quality ones, congrats!

One more € cent :

Hope you like.


No fair!

You know how to play your damn guitar…

; )

Nice work.

ah yes, and u also increased bitrate

thanks :slight_smile:

wow , long time don’t see this topic :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for your words , and of course, to Paul Davis and all the Ardour makers .

@ viktor , there’s a new file with the crack fixed.

Thank you very much.


pinojazz, could u pls reupload after the pain? it has a little crack at 1:25