Mute on the recorder view

Maybe i am too stupid but is the ability to mute tracks missing from the the recorder view at all? If yes can i ask why? Cheers

The In and Disk buttons should work for what you need to do.

Disk will enable / disable the playback of what is on the disk (Hard Drive), Audio or MIDI. So it does effectually mute the previously recorded track.

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Thanks @Schmitty2005 that helps to “silence” the tracks and achieve what i need, however i would have expected a mute button there which would be far more intuitive IMHO

The simple answer is: there is no mute because It is a recorder, and not a mixer.

Mute affects the outputs, while the recorder is concerned with inputs.

Hi @x42 thanks. i think that was my expectation to have some basic mixer functionalities (only mute was essential really though) in the recorder.
Basically i am using 2 screens with the same laptop, 1 sitting in a corner where all my mics and equipment are placed and where my recordings take place and another one where monitors live and where i do mixing and editing stuff. The idea of having one independent window with only the recorder and arm-able tracks fit my workflow at home brilliantly

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