Mute Issue while recording

Hello there, since a month I have this mute issue. When clicking on mute while recording, the mute automation track opens and has this typical green curve. When recording it records the muting.
When unmuting it records the unmuting.

Since I only want to record the line-in and not the automation, I wonder why the mute automation track is opening and forces me to delete the recorded mute curve after recording the line-in.
Reinstallling didn’t change anything. AND I have always the mute-track open when I mute a channel.
Any idea?

I found in “edit”: “Show automation lane on touch” and put the hook out. Now “mute” is fix and unmuting is not possible. Cannot listen to the recorded audio. Copied the audio on a new track and deleted the blocked one. Mute on/off is working in the new track.

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The “fix mute” issue now went off like this. What I had before and after: xruns after editing/recording half an hour. I am on Linux Mint with Ubuntu Studio Controls. Should look in another thread for this. Thx for reading :slight_smile:

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