Music Video made with Ardour and Avl Drumkits

Check out my latest song release “Fall Back and Fade” here: . Web page details all the software used to make the audio recording (I.E. Ardour plus lv2 plugins).

I’ve previously released 16 tracks with Ardour and Geonkick iurie-sw / Geonkick · GitLab (for synthesized drums). I really like Geonkick and plan on using it in future.

This is the first track where I used AVL Drumkits (red zeppelin ) x42 AVL Drumkits for drums. I’ve played many different musical instruments, but never drums/percussion. For me, composing synthesized cymbals is my biggest challenge. AVL Drumkits comes bundled with 2 full drumkits (including an array of cymbals ). This was a huge help to me when composing this track.

The guitars are recorded with a mic’d up guitar amp. I used a Fender Champion 50xl modeling amp to emulate a 1965 Fender Princeton amp. No pedals. I wanted a 60’s sound for the guitar track.