Music page updated

I make music with Ardour and other Linux audio software, the results can be heard here:

Recently updated with many new pieces. Enjoy !

Really nice stuff (especially the blues related ones).

Thanks from my mp3 player and my ears :slight_smile:


Great! “Tell Me Again” …very nice, you have a great timbre to your voice. My wife is a children’s book author and is about to release a book on Alzheimer’s Disease, I can’t wait to play this song for her. Thanks for sharing your work.

eLRIC and GMag: Thank you for your comments. I’ve received some very nice messages about Tell Me Again, it seems to strike a nerve. I guess a lot of us have to deal with such events these days.

Good luck in your own Ardouristic endeavors ! :slight_smile:


Popped back to your site again for another listen, Can’t Nobody Hide is awesome! Great job on those harmonies.

I hope to get something similar up in the near future, It’s a lot nicer for people to be able to stream them than having to download and listen from a file sharing site.

Thanks for so generously sharing your compositions, it is a real testimony to not only your own talents, but just how versatile Ardour is.

I’m blushing. :slight_smile:

Thanks, GMaq, you’re very kind, I appreciate that you’ve listened to my songs. More stuff is in the works, including some more originals. All recorded in Ardour, of course.



Thanks Dave for your contribution here.

I enjoyed all the tunes especially “Trio for Flute, Guitar, and Bassoon” Anton Webern is one of my favorites this reminded of his work.

A request from you I would like to make since I noticed the blues influence in some pieces.

Anything by “Johnnie Shines” if you know Robert Johnson I am sure you know Johnnie.



Thank you, Philip, I’m glad you liked my music. That trio was indeed written with a 12-tone row (with many liberties taken). I’m a big fan of Webern’s music myself, 12-tone music techniques fascinate me. I am also a blues player, and yes indeed I know Johnnie Shines’s music. I saw him a few times back in the 1970s, he was a great performer. I’ll have to go back and give him a listen, maybe I can pick up a few tunes from his repertoire. Btw, I keep about six Robert Johnson songs in my performance lists, including Love In Vain, Come On In My Kitchen, Malted Milk, Kind Hearted Woman, and a few extras. Let me know if you’d like to hear any of them, I’ll record them asap. Actually, as soon as I get my voice back. Advice to singers: Don’t sing at outdoors parties on cool damp nights ! :slight_smile: