music page updated 3 march 09

I’ve added two new songs to my Music Made With Ardour page :

Recorded with Ardour 2.7.1 in the 64 Studio 2.1 distribution.

Better mixes to follow. I’ll also post MP3 versions tomorrow.


Great songs! Once again your great and distinctive voice is killer especially when coupled with a good protest tune!

I realize these are rough mixes but here are some observations…Please take 'em or leave 'em!

The first tune has that rootsy folk protest thing going on, I’d like to hear a more “organic” sounding drumkit, I’ve been through this myself being both a part-time drummer and comfortable with programming, it’s tough to convincingly program folk/country/blues drums. I get that it’s a not a tune for solos but I think a little more instrumentation in the backing track like a harmonica or barrelhouse piano would be a nice addition.

The second tune is very evocative and suits the lyric imagery well, I’d like the acoustic guitar to be little more punchy with less reverb, but hey… just opinions, great job - top notch!

Hey G, thanks for listening and thanks very much for your suggestions. I had intended to post a public apology for the drums, they’re “Made with MIDI” of course, and I’d like to replace them with some loops. Beta Monkey has a country set that might suit the purpose, I’ll check them out later today. And yep, I’d like a piano in there too. I’ll definitely get back into the mixes this week, there’s some repair that needs done, and I’d really like to replace that drum track.

Incidentally, both recordings were made very quickly with Ardour. It’s steady as a rock on 64 Studio, and I put my new Frontier Tranzport to good use during the sessions. The Tranzport is a handy tool for the solo recordist, and Mike Taht’s added some great new support code to Ardour2. Sweet stuff. :slight_smile:

Also btw, the wind noise in The Spring Of 23 was created by an instrument designed with Csound.