Muse - Unintended (unfa cover)

Created with Ardour 6.2x under Manjaro Linux.

Acoustic drums: AVL Black Pearl
Synth drums: Geonkick
All the rest: Zyn-Fusion
Vocals: myself




Wow excellent work! And you sing too!!?? Great production work and showcase of Ardour and related plugins!

One question… did you mean AVL-Drumkits “Black Pearl” or is there now an LSP Drum plugin? If so we’ll need to talk about kit names…lol

Again, great work!

There has been for a quite a while already: “Multi-Sampler x12 DirectOut…”. Recent version can load Hyrdogen kits, too. That’s new.

@unfa, is there a reason why you prefer this plugin? panning perhaps, or direct out?

He lists it correctly as AVL in the video end credits… :wink:

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Thank you!
It was quite a challenge. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to do it perfectly without the help of… x42-Autotune :wink:

Oh, no that’s just a mistake. Corrected now - sorry!

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I mistakenly wrote LSP instead of AVL :smiley:

I used the stock AVL Black Pearl Drumkit in Multi-Channel version.

In case anyone would want to check it out, I’ve uploaded the full Ardour session to Patreon so far, I can also put it somewhere else later:
(it seems one has to log in to download - I didn’t know that’s the case before)


Very good!
I am not a fan of Muse, nor did I know the song, but I really liked the electronic touch you have given it. More than the original version (which I have searched on Youtube)
I liked how well you used the parameter automations, and the video with the Ardour view.
Nice job :clap:

PS my English is not very good…

Lots of cool noises, and really a showcase of Ardour features and possibilities. Nice job, thanks for posting!

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Nice @unfa ! Was the voice so out of tune?
Autotune is gently set um, if you did not tell me it was there i think i never have noticed.

My vocal performance had a lot of minor pitch issues and a few less minor ones, that bothered me. I would normally just re-record and comp to get a better result, but I couldn’t take the time to work on this as much as I’d like so ai decoded to resort to fixing the issues with artificial pitch correction (you can see me increasing and decreasing the x-42 Autotune correction strength on problematic notes.

Now: I am aware these problems weren’t really bad, and probably most people wouldn’t mind, but I couldn’t listen to this myself without cringing if I left that in.

Impressive piece of work !
You’re certainly the king of automation curves :sweat_smile:

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Your voice sounded great! I can certainly relate to the psychological effect of listening to your own voice -when I hear my own voice recorded I hear every little nuance of imperfection and it makes me want to scrap every track.

I was not familiar with the x-42 autotune - I think I will check it out!

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A M A Z I N G. That’s the only thing i can say about it.

No! i can say more! I don’t know anyone else who does “master” the Zyn* as you do.

Great Work.

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