Multitrack Playlist back and forth

Hello everyone,


When i record multitracks like drums i organize the tracks in a group and use the Playlist feature for every take. So far, so lovely.


When i have let’s say 3 takes done, the Playlist is set to Take 3 for every track. Now i want to switch to Take 1 or 2 i can do that easily in the Playlist menu … but just for the exact track i use the P-Button. Yes the group is enabled, yes if i select one region every other region in the group is also selected. So group mode in general works. And yes, adding a new Playlist affects all tracks of the group.

The cry for help

So is there a way to switch to former takes for ALL tracks in the group or do i have to do it each track manually?


I recreated your situation. I can successfully change the playlist for all tracks if I select any playlist other than the original playlist. Selecting first playlist only affects a single track. I don’t know whether this is intended or a bug but I suppose a workaround is to not use the first created playlist.


I just tested your suggestion with using any other than the original take. This seems to work for new takes as well as copied takes.

I then tried on a project where i encountered the problem. I had several playlist for my drum group where i separated all my edit steps. For example

  1. fresh import -> copy take
  2. do rhythm ferret -> copy take
  3. clean toms, hihat, ride

But even when i want to switch from 3. back to 2. it doesn’t work.
I have to add, that i renamed the Playlist and had to do it for each track of the group seperately. I guess with this i messed up the Playlist-connection.

On the other hand, in my test-session i also renamed the Playlist of just one track but it successfully switched all tracks so renaming seems to be stable.


  • Avoiding the first Take does to help as workaround but i can’t think that this is an intentional feature.
  • The session where i first encountered the problem seems to be more seriously messed up Playlist-wise.

@bachstudies thanks for your help!

This may explain things. BTW, I think there is now a script included with Ardour that collapses playlists as track layers enabling you comp if that is useful to your situation: collapse_playlists.lua .


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