Multitrack beatslicer


Now that Ardour is going to get AU support it only lacks multitrack beatslicer and I’m ready to change.

This is the feature why many people choose protools or nowadays samplitude. It’s quite essential for many studios who do lots of drum recording and pop music. In the past I worked with zero x beatslicer and nowadays with samplitude 10’s tool. But I’m ready to throw them away and go for Ardour if it only would have this tool.

I think Samplitude’s new tool is excellent example how it should work. I’m just quite fed up of samplitude’s stability and latency issues…

How is the workflow you are looking for structured? I mean, what’s the goal and how do you think one should get there? What is it that sets Samplitude’s solution apart?

The thing is, Samplitudes solution is only possible solution for me. Zero X is really buggy and they are not going to fix it. On the other hand I won’t buy Protools. And those were the options if you don’t count doing it manually.

Workflow goes usually like this:
1: Find the transients for kickdrum and snare. This is done in Samp basicly selecting track and range and adjusting threshold.
2: Consolidating transients. Means that I want to remove transients that are too close to each other.
3: Split all drum tracks on transients
4: Quantize splitted objects (with lots of settings)
5: Remove gaps with timestretch or crossfade
6: Possibly bounce tracks to one object so that there’s no 1000 extra crossfades in project

As I see it, the main difference in programs doing this is transient detection. But for example in Samplitude I’m usually done with fixing drums in 15-30 minutes.

I hope that this would become part of Ardour some day. Everything else is there already for 95% of studios now that it has AU support.

After seeking a while I found that Ardour has tab-to-transient function now. So, the pieces are there!

Does anyone do manual multitrack drumslicing on Ardour? What is your workflow?