Multitouch-aware widgets

I know this may be a huge PITA beside not being very useful to the majority of users, but there are a few people working to implement “multitouch” interfaces to Linux. MPX is one that is coming along nicely by adding the ability to have multiple mice or a multitouch screen for the X server. However, the app has to take advantage of this.

My first thought is the ability to control the mixer on either a multitouch screen or with two mice, but Ardour has to respond to the second mouse or second touch point.

I may not be a necessary addition, but a youtube video of someone controling ardour’s mixer almost like a real mixer would be great publicity.

This is a cool idea, and it would be very intuitive given the nature of Ardour’s “fader strips”. I’ve often thought that getting a touchscreen to use below my main monitor would make a pretty nifty control surface substitute, but multitouch would practically be a necessity for it to be worth the trouble. I have a feeling it would be tough to implement though.

this really has almost nothing to do with Ardour at all, and everything to do with GTK+ and X11. Once they have support for a given multitouch device, Ardour will more or less just work with it. Until they do, there is nothing Ardour can do to change the situation.

I was under the impression that it was a app-level need, but if a change to gtk+ is the need, that would make it much simpler for everyone.

hogiewan, i’d be interested to know what made you think that?