Multiple versions of Ardour on a single machine?

On my machine, I have Ardour 2.3 as shipped by Ubuntu Hardy. I have also compiled 2.4.1 from source with VST option on. As far as I can see, they coexist happily. Now, having experienced my first freeze with the 2.4.1-vst (yes, I have been warned in that that may happen), I’d like to try out the vst-less 2.4.1 for my production purposes, and keep the vst version for experimenting with vst occasionally.

Is there a way to keep the three versions on a single machine?

The PREFIX scons option defaults to /usr/local

if you need a seperate install you could set that to something else and get a seperate copy of ardour after install:

scons PREFIX=/usr/withVST

That should do the trick.

The simple way to do this is to NOT install experimental versions, and instead use the “ardev” script found in the gtk2_ardour directory. This script was specifically designed to allow you to run the just-built version of Ardour directly from the source tree. The installed version will continue to function normally before, after and while you do this.

Thanks Paul. Saves a lot of trouble indeed (and has prevented me from asking a stupid question of how I’d run the newly compiled version – there’s the info in the VST-enabled Ardour compiling instructions to run it by typing ardourvst, so I was wondering… :slight_smile: