Multiple tracks - change output at the same time

Is there a way by holding down a modifier key to change the output of all highlighted tracks at once? (like to a bus?)

The short answer is “No”. There are a couple of ways to do something similar, though: not exactly what you’re asking for, but maybe helpful.

  • You can send the outputs of all tracks in a group to a new bus, by right-clicking the group header tab and choosing "Add New Subgroup Bus"
  • You can make multiple connections in the "Audio Connections" window via click-&-drag: if you right-click the bus input and disable "Show individual ports" you can even connect or disconnect stereo (or multi-channel) tracks to a stereo bus in one go.

Hm, thanks. That’s not very handy. Am I the only one who’s missing this “feature”?

It has not really been mentioned very much in forums, on the mailing lists, on IRC, in the bug/feature tracker.

If you’re subgrouping to a bus, there are other reason to want things in a group, so adding a shortcut that ONLY does the routing is generally not as helpful.

Thanks. Not a shortcut but just a temporary modifier or just “all marked/highlighted at once”?

A modifier is necessarily a shortcut, since all keyboard and mouse actions are just shortcuts for things that can be done in other ways.

Select them all. Put them in a group. Subgroup. You’ll be glad you did, I think.

At least a workaround. :slight_smile: Still more confusing for me.

Btw: Subgroups busses didn’t rename when you rename the group.