'Multiple timelines' per session

Working on a multi-song project, I like to have separate ‘views’ of each song. I often start by creating a custom template and using it to create a new session for each song.

When all songs are recorded, I start to mix on one song on my analogue mixing desk. In this process I often change output routing, a few default plugins, etc. I write these changes on paper and each time I open an other song, I manually apply those changes…

It would be perfect if ardour supported multiple timelines per session. This way all changes in track layout, routing and plugins are reflected over all songs and switching songs would be a breeze.


  • Separate view per song with easy switching
  • Switching timelines will display that timeline’s regions
  • You can easily copy/paste between timelines
  • Changes in settings, track layout, routing, and plugins are ‘global’
  • Separate tempo track per timeline

How do you think about such a feature?


is this possible with the way ardour supports multiple playlists? it isn’t something i have looked into yet, but i agree it would be a great feature to have if it did work like that.

maybe this playlists feature could just be extended (if it isn’t already like this) to add ‘playlist lists’ (can’t think of a better term). ie, you select the ‘song 2’ option, and ardour switches to all the ‘song 2’ playlists in each track.

have i explained that alright?


I didn’t really know about the playlist functions offered by Ardour now, but that may be a good base to start with.

It does however need some extending:

  • Global playlist support
  • Global playlists in sidebar (add/rename/load)
  • Tempo track switching (including metronome settings)

Global playlist support would be great. It could avoid some problems when the midi support comes in: When you have a project in Cubase (or something like it…) with a couple of songs and midi tempo changes and you add a bar at the beginning of the project, the whole timeline gets muddled.

Thanks for the hint at the IRC channel harold :wink:


Every once in a while I think about global playlists whilst ‘playing’ with Ardour and I still believe it’ll make a killer feature…

Too bad I’m quite lonely in this quest… :wink:

Maybe it’ll get more attention in the bug tracker: http://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=2387