multiple takes per track.

I’m trying Ardour out, and slowly but surely getting my head around it. There’s much to commend the devs for, and naturally, in the learning process, a question or two.
Here’s my first.

Can i record multiple takes in the same track?

Quick Draft orchestral tune. And in my quick draft setup, i use a set of ensemble string articulations. So, ensemble staccato covers all 5 sections.
I want to record a Kontrabass line first, then go back and add some Violas.
I figured out transparent and opaque layers, but i’d like to know if i can record multiple takes (visible) in the track, and not have them sitting on top of one another.
I do realise that i could simply add more tracks and route the ensemble staccato strings (for example) to 5 seperate tracks, but i’m trying to keep the track count right down, for less scrolling and more writing.

On a positive note, Ardour’s a lot easier to use than it initially appears, and a couple of days hard graft has already yielded the emergence of a fairly speedy workflow.

Looking forward to 3.0, and midi.


Ok, just been to the irc, and got some responses. Thanks to las and others.