Multiple out ports in a plugin

I’m investigating using Mobius Looper with Ardour to process effects live. I’m on OSX 10.5 with Ardour 2.8.14 and wondering if its possible (with the Mobius AU plugin) to send each Mobius loop to a different ardour audio track for effects. The Mobius documentation suggests “If the host supports plugins with more than one input and output port you will need to understand how to route signals into and out of the plugin pins in the host.”

Anybody doing anything like this? Does Ardour support routing 8-12 outputs (4-6 pair) from a single plugin?

I’ve gotten sooperlooper to work, but I much prefer the layout and functions of Mobius. …I’m just not sure how to get it working with Ardour and effects

Yes, thanks. Thats exactly the idea. I want to send 3 or 4 stereo pair audio loops from Mobius each to their own group of effects hosted by Ardour, then send all to the master Ardour stereo output. The area I am having difficulty is how to route the stereo tracks in the Mobius AU plugin each to a separate bus.

It sounds like I need to read up on the Ardour busses and Jack virtual I/O’s. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I’ll let you know how it goes.

you say “8-12 outputs (4-6 pair)” and “send each Mobius loop to a different ardour audio track for effects.” Based on what you’ve said, you could mean 2 different things; that you want to apply multiple effects, each with their own fader/pan/etc OR that you need to route all of that to separate audio outputs in order to play through different speakers or something.

I have a feeling you mean the former.

If I am right, and you will ultimately be playing the final output through a stereo pair, you can achieve exactly what you want (and more) using busses in Ardour. Create a new bus in Ardour, rout your audio track to it using JACK, and repeat as desired.

The other thing is that with JACK you can create many (I don’t know the upper limit) virtual I/O’s. In other words, (I’m not familiar w/ Mobius Looper) you can load JACK w/ 8 channels, and then you can route separate outputs from Mobius Looper to individual inputs into Ardour. JACK is the key here.

Do I understand your situation?