Multiple mixer windows

Just a thought…

I tend to set up my working environment (Openbox) w/ Ardour editor window open on desktop one, Ardour mixer on two, jack/envy24control on three, hydrogen on four, maybe patchage or something on five. I switch desktops w/ keybinds…works nice. My issue is that the mixer gets very crowded. How about an option to allow multiple mixer windows that are nameable, so you can split the mixer for mix channels and monitoring channels?


I think a tabbed mixer window would be nice to have, so you can regroup mixer strips under different tabs that you create and name the way you want. I implemented something like this in guitarix, for convenient access to external client ports where you can cycle through the tabs by pressing the ‘t’ key.

I also think that the already existing mixer group functionality was meant for that. But maybe you want to have ALL your mixer strips visible at all times ?

we (well, actually, carl hetherington) has already done something a lot like this for ardour 3. its not actually tabbed in the conventional sense of a tabbed notebook-style widget, so you don’t navigate from tab-to-tab. it becomes easy to hide/show groups, as well as route the entire group. for that matter, even in ardour 2, if you put tracks in to a mix group, you can hide/show them as a group.

Thanks for the responses guys.

Gets me thinking that all three methods (tabs,group switching,multi-window ) all have their own merits and drawbacks. Personally I think the multi-window approach would fit a user like myself best as my work-flow is based on desktop switching (is this typical outside the *box type environments or tiling WM’s?).

For me tabs generally means mouse-play which I try to avoid :slight_smile:

I will definitely test out the group hide/show method.

Thanks again for your time and effort,