Multiple Mix Channels

I’m using Ardour as my DAW coupled with a Soundcraft Expression SI soundboard. It feeds in 32 channels into my PC and then we mix our live sound before sending back out to the Soundboard over a Stereo Mix.

Right now we only mix the house sound in Ardour and it has been working fantastic. However, I have been toying around with the idea of also mixing our in-ear mixes (currently done through the soundboard) in Ardour as well. We would have 6 mixes with ~12 channels each plus the house mix with another 16 channels.

My question revolves around how I might be able to organize this and whether a Ryzen 5 might be able to handle this much processing. On the organizing parts, I know you can group channels (I currently have groups of vocals and instruments) but is it possible to do sub groups? IE, Mix 1 group, Mix 2 group, Mix 3 group and then within those groups have a sub group for vocals, instruments and percussion?

Also, is there an easy way to quickly switch views to just each group or do I have to check through the checkboxes in the fader view setup one by one?

If anyone has done something similar for their live setup, I would appreciate hearing your experience.

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