Multiple Mackie control surfaces

Anyone who has two or more mackie control surfaces (master and extension(s)) I am looking for someone to test a fix to allow the master to be in another position than far left. It should be in the nightly by now and testing can be done with the demo version. The problem was that using the master fader caused problems, but the GUI could adjust the surface fader. I think this was related to the master fader “touch” signal being misrouted.

If you don’t get any other takers, you might consider helping me set my stuff up to test your fix.

I have a Mackie Control Universal (8 faders) and an Extender (another 8 faders) and a C4 (V-pots) unit. I’d love to go through the process of getting all of them to work with Ardour. In fact, my interest in Ardour stems mostly from the fact that I’ve heard that it works with this Mackie control surface stuff. That’s why I just now downloaded Ardour (for the first time) and registered my new account.

On the one hand, you have in me, an enthusiastic user. On the other hand, I’m completely new to Ardour, and have never even set up this Mackie Control Universal stuff before with any DAW.

That said, I’m willing to commit a considerable amount of time to get this sorted out and tested. I have multiple computers sitting here gathering dust, which could be used for this purpose. A few are Core 2 Duo-based PCs (on which I could install Linux). I also have at least one Core 2 Duo-based Mac Mini.

I suspect that I will be able to bring up most of this without a lot of hand holding. But having access to someone who’s familiar with Ardour and the MCU would be helpful to me. Let me know if you think that this would be worthwhile for you to bother with.

While this particular problem has been tested and is fixed… There are more problems to fix still. In any case I have no problem helping you get things going. The C4 is not currently supported with any special setup, but I am sure that the generic midi section will handle whatever it puts out. The MCU and extender should work as is so far as support has been developed. (fader strips work and master functions such as start/stop/rec also. All the master buttons can be configured to do anything a keyboard shortcut can.