multiple inputs??

im pritty new to linux genraly, and havent had much chance to look at using ardour. I am planning to use it to do a live band recording soon.

i have a reasonable pc and an m-audio 1010lt sound card on the way.

my first question is; when i install the m-audio card, should i uninstall my audigy card? or can they both live in piece on the same system? i dont plan on using the audigy card for recording, but it has surroound sound, which i use for movies etc…

My second question is; when recording 6 live inputs at the same time, do i need any other software other than Ardour and Jack??
I have used cakewalk alot in the past, and there is just a drop down on each track to select which input to record too, and which output to send to… does this work in a similar way on ardour?

and advice you can give me is much apreciated,

there is no reason to uninstall an existing audio interface when installing a new one. Just be sure to use the correct interface when starting JACK. If the 1010LT shows up as the second card, then “hw:1” will be the correct device name for JACK to use (like many software-related things, we start counting at zero). this is a nice configuration because it means that desktop/office apps can continue to use the audigy for system noises etc without interfering with your recording setup.

Ardour & JACK is all you need to record any number of inputs.
However, because JACK allows you to record from other applications, not just the audio interface, the connection of tracks to inputs and outputs is slightly more complicated. Just make sure the editor’s mixer strip is visible (Shift-E) or bring up the mixer window (Alt-m). Each mixer strip has a button labelled “input” and another labelled “output”. Click them to get started.

thanks for this.