Multiple Audio card under Jack?

Hello Paul
Domenik here, from Lionstracs, Mediastation…I think you remember me from the NAMM…

Anyway, I like to ask you if is possible configure Jack under Ardour for use multiple Audio cards in realtime.
We still use the Envy24 PCI under the Mediastation but we have the necessisy to connect one external USB audio device ( like M-Audio) for have more IN/OUT or like for include 2 more MIC inputs.
When I connect the USB Audio card, under Jack setup the hardware boxw ill shown me the Hardware 0: envy24 and the Hardware 1: the USB audio card.
Is not possible use both togheter and then find the all new USB connection under Jack?
This can be really a special features…

Read this page to gain info on how to use multiple sound cards with jack.

I personally followed it with my two M-Audio Delta 1010 LT PCI cards, and I must say; It simply works beautiful.

I know it doesn’t speak of USB interfaces, but I assume it will be a good pointer in the right direction.

Good, really interesting
I will ask my developer Free Akanayaka to install me this patch and testing it.
Do you know IF someone made some test with good result using the ice1712 + external USB/Freware audio cards?

Hello Deva
we have now the new whole hardware developed for the Pro version.
We use now 2 envy24 PCI card connected to the all expansion boards:

We try to configure the alsa and jack, with the patch link that you gave me before.
the PCI system reconize the two envy24 cards BUT seem that alsa/jack will load the driver only for the first pci card and ignore the second card.
Do you have one idea about this issue?
May I contact you direct by email?
Christian Schoenebeck is try to configure this issue but can not find help around.
let me know

This is an old thread, but in case others get here from a search engine here is a possible solution to this problem: