"Multing" Tracks

I like to “mult” tracks (put region(s) from one track into another) so that I can use different plugin sets for different sections i.e. choruses and bridge etc.

I know I can just move the region to another track, but often it takes a bit of cajoling to get it aligned to the correct time. Is there an “easy” way to do this? I tried using the grid options but since tracks rarely line up exactly it didn’t help much.

if i undestand you correctly - ctrl+grab the region with the middle mouse button, and that’s it.


Lock edit was what I was looking for. Turns out ctl+grab makes a copy which will come in handy for making virtual double tracks but wasn’t what I was looking for. Thank you both!

Just grab it with the middle mouse button, without the using the CNTRL button. That should do it. I don’t think you have to change any edit modes for that.

You should download the ardour key-bindings PDF, it lists all of those short cuts.

Not sure where that is, anyone have a link?