Multiface with ADAT AD/DA converter

A few question I need to ask :

1- Can I use the 8 analog channels simultaneously with the 8 channels ADAT ? I guess yes. If so, is there any other option than to buy the ADI-8 DS (around 2000$).

2- Can I use non RME ADAT with my RME Multiface ? If yes, is there any good gears you guy’s can recommend me ?

Thank you very much and have a good day,


I use this configuration, but i use a Marian adcon for the 8 AD/DA conversion. When I bought it I doubt a lot between its and the behringer device. If I remember well the price of both is very similar. Into the quality I can’t tell you because I have never used the behringer one.

Good luck.

1 - Yes. You can capture all of the 18 input channels (8x analog, 8x ADAT, 2x S/PDIF) at the same time.

2 - Yes. I’m using the SM Pro Audio AO8, works fine.

Thank you for the quick response ! I’m happy to see that the adat works fine without the expensive ADI-8 DS :slight_smile:

On another topic, does anyone of you uses the Mackie Control Surface with succes ? I’ve seen that the mcu is working with Ardour but not at 100%. Seems to me that it doesn’t worth buying the mcu compared to the BCF2000 ? I’ve read that the buttons that function with the mcu are the one that function with the BCF2000; so no stop, play, rewind record ect… Is this still true ? The post was posted by Paul on 2007-02-14 19:29.

The reason I’m asking is that I can get an mcu for about 300$.

Thanx a lot again !