Multichannel tracks - set number of channels


we are working with Ardour for spatial audio stuff, so we are normally using tracks with 16, 36, 64 channels, etc.
I’m using Ardour 5.8 under OSX 10.11.

My question is about how to manage in a easy way the number of channels of a track.

When creating a new track, there is the possibility of creating mono, stereo, 4ch … 12ch and custom. I would like to know, first, if there is a way to add more number of channel presets. Second, when selecting custom, nothing special seems to happen. How can I define my custom channel preset(s)?

So, since the maximum channel number in the presets it’s 12 for me, I always go for it, and then add manually the other channels until my desired amount. I perform that by left-clicking on the input connection button (in the taget’s mixer view), and then “Add Audio Port”. But of course it’s tedious to arrive to e.g. 32 or 64 channels, and also I didn’t find still a way to remove ports.

I would appreciate any comments on the topic.

Thank you.


Once you have a track (or bus) configured how you want it, with the right number of inputs & outputs, and the required plugins, you can save it as a template by right-clicking on the channel name in the mixer strip and choosing ‘Save As Template…’. Give it a descriptive name, and then, when you add a new track or bus, it’ll show in the list of configurations for you to choose.

As for removing ports, open the routing grip and right-click on the port you want to remove.

I don’t know of a way to quickly add multiple ports to a track manually, but if ‘Strict IO’ is disabled for the track, adding a plugin to the track will create output ports for each channel of the plugin, which might help you.

Hi colinf,
thank you very much for your help.
I didn’t know about the “Save as template” functionality, but it seems indeed very useful!