Multichannel panner

The “puck” multichannel panner in 0.99 left a lot to be desired. It was too small. It would be nice if the multichannel panner interface was something similar to glmixer.

I really like it because in not only offers a nice easy way to move channels around in a 2 dimentional space, but you can also see the audio levels within the channel nodes.

-There would be a button in place of the old “puck” style panner that would open a separate panner window similar to glmixer. (changing selected channels would change whats displayed in the panner window accordingly)

-There would be two separate modes, one for moving inputs, one for moving outputs. (I always accidentally grabbed output pucks instead of the input pucks in 0.99)

-Automation tracks would have two curves for each input: x and y coordinates.

Maybe there are already ideas way better than this in the works. I just need this functionality badly and thought a post would at the very least reveal if anybody else has a better idea on how this should be done.