Multichannel editing

Hi, I would like to ask about multi channel editing, is it possible to change playlist in several channel simultaneously. I work with multi channel projects only, usually in Motu Digital Performer 7. Ardour works not so bad, and ja would like to bay it, but possibility to swith between takes on several channels simultaneously is very important for me. Thanks for any help

It is not possible at this time, it is a feature request in Mantis I believe and it wouldn’t hurt for you to add your opinion to it as well.


Thank you for answer, so we wait for this:) soon as possible i hope.

Thank you for answer, so we wait for this:) soon as possible i hope.

In fact, it is possible. This feature has been available since version 2.6.

To use it:

  1. Create a new edit group and activate it.
  2. Add each of the tracks you’d like to edit or switch the playlists of to the new group.
  3. Select one of the tracks in the group so that all are highlighted.
  4. Now when you click on the playlist button (p) for any of the groups in the tracks, instead of new and new copy, you’ll see new take and copy take. Make a new take on one track and all in the active group will do the same.
  5. As long as the edit group is still active, and multiple takes exist, switching one track’s take will switch the others as well.

That’s basically it, but it’s worth noting that while playlists are notated under the playlist button as track name.playlist number, takes are notated track name.edit group name.take number.

For example, the third playlist for the individual kick drum track would be kick drum.3 while the third take of the drums group would be listed (within the kick drum playlist menu) as kick drum.drums.3.

This is important because both playlists and takes are both listed in the same playlist menu and can seem similar at a quick glance, but if you intend to select a take and accidentally pick a playlist, even if the edit group is activated, it will only change the individual track.

Good luck!



Well damn learn something new…


Stands corrected apparently.

Multi-track playlist control. I’ve tried the above in 3.5.403 (Ubuntu) and the options for new take and copy take don’t appear. Has this feature been removed? I too would like to be able to create/select playlists for several tracks at once. Is there another way to do this?

Multi-track playlist - works. Details: the group tab needs to be selected and the “selection” property of the group enabled