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Hello ! I am looking for an answer to a recurring problem. I often compose in multichannel and I seek to automate movements in the space of the speakers. To do this, the simplest seems to me to send my track to a multichannel bus (4 channels in this case) and play the width and azimuth of the bus. In manual, I hear perfectly the sound moving, but as soon as I try to play the automation, no more sound, the bus module, the pano moves on the edge, but the automation does not move and no sound…
Thanks in advance! (ardour 5.12.0)

Even in Ardour 6.9 (the current release) (and even in 7.0, the upcoming release), we unfortunately do not support automation for the VBAP surround panner).

Ok, thank you ! Do you know what would be the simplest method to work on spatialization with ardour ? Maybe a plugin ?

Robin Gareus’ “Matrix Mixer 8x8” comes with Ardour. You could use that. But It’s not really a panner.

Thank you for your answer ! I tried this plugin, but it’s like doing spatialization with auxiliary send…

Yes, it’s definitely not made for that. Maybe a bit more usable if you map an XY input pad to the dials. (There is one in Cadence)

I just remembered that there might be something in the SPARTA Suite and yes, there is something, but I actually never used it: SPARTA suite - SPARTA . Hope this works for you.

In addition to Sparta, the free, basic tools for surround I have come across:
IEM plugins (Mac/Windows/Linux)
o3a O3A Core Plugin Library (Mac/Windows)
SSA a1 Panner aXPanner - Ambisonic Encoder • SSA Plugins (Mac/Windows)

And for something more powerful there’s SPatGRIS3 GRIS – Sound Spatilialization (Mac/Windows)

There’s also Camomile which is a vst or au or lv2 shell for PD patches.I recall seeing a vbap panner somewhere for it, or you could build your own (PD is also free & cross platform)

+1 for basic vbap automation in Ardour sometime in the not too distant future!

There is also the Acousmodules series for Windows and Mac: AcousModules
Even if they are made for higher channels formats they can work with lesser.
The VST3 versions are not recognized by Ardour as multichannel, but they can be renamed as “dll” instead of “vst3” so they can be used perfectly as VST2 multichannel plugins :wink:

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Hello ! Thank you for your answers ! I’m a linux user… So, the possibilities are reduced ! I’am triying IEM.

Do any of the Ambisonics plugins support automation?

At least Fons Adriansen’s Ambisonis Panner works fine with Automation.

Please note that Ambisonics is very different from VBAP! The Sparta Panner is the only Linux VBAP Plugin listed here.

EDIT: There apparently is a ReaSurround Plugin from REAPER. This should work fine with WINE.

Yes, I guess I should have pointed out that switching to Ambisonics would really be a significant workflow change. I guess may or may not have benefits, and may or may not be an improvement over a direct bus->speakers workflow.

Hello, I found something with vbap in pure data. Exactly what I want to do, quite simple actually. It remains for me to manage to make it a plugin in ardour with camomile !

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