Multiband Compressor for Ardour

I’m looking for a Multiband compressor for Ardour. I looked around the Plugins that I can install using the repositories of Ubuntu and online but I couldn’t find any for LADSPA or LV2. I was able to find some for VST.
As I am currently not using a self-compiled version of Ardour with activated VST support, are there Multiband compressors for the LADSPA or LV2 or will a self-compilation of Ardour with VST support be the road to go?

it’s not a plugin but jamin does this and more (3 band compressor, fast lookahead limiter, warmth boost, 1024 band EQ, etc). You need a bit of horsepower to use jamin and I would not recommend to use it live, but at large buffer sizes for playback purposes (e.g. mastering). If you think jamin is your ticket, then you can use it via a track insert. Make sure that you disconnect the jamin output ports from your jack system outputs, because jamin connects automatically to your jack system outputs when you launch it.

Yeah, I had read about jamin and that it contains a 3 band compressor. It would be an option, but I would prefer something I can integrate more easily into and ardour session, as it would seem a bit of overkill to have it running in the background. Is there another way in form of a plugin?
Thanks for the reply,